Lighting Art - High grade wood

Lighting Art - High grade wood


Chính sách bảo mật thông tin

1- Purpose and scope of information collection: The main data collection on includes: email, phone, login, login password, customer address, IP (member) . This is the information that need members provide mandatory when registering and to contact confirm when customers order online on the website to ensure the interests of consumers.
Members will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and retention of any service using their registration name, password and e-mail address. In addition, the member is responsible for timely disclosure of illicit use, abuse, security breach, retention of the name and password of the third party in order to take measures. appropriately.
2. Scope of information use:
Website uses the member information provided to:
- Contact, confirm when members order online on the website.
- Do not use personal information of members other than the purpose of confirmation and contact related to the transaction at
- In case of legal requirements: is responsible for providing member's personal information upon request from the judiciary, including the Procuracy, the court, the police Investigation related to some law violation of the customer. Also, no one has the right to infringe on the member's personal information.
3. Time of information storage: Member 's personal data will be stored until canceled or self - signed and canceled. Left in all cases personal information members will be secure on the server of
4- Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:
Head office: 17 St. 152A Cao Lo, Ward 4, Dist. HCM
Representative Office: 25 Road 5 (Pham Hung), Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, HCM
Phone: 028 62 515 909 - 0919 007 133

5. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data: Members have the right to self check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging into the account. Item and edit personal information or ask to do this.
- Members have the right to submit a complaint about the disclosure of personal information to third parties to the management of Upon receipt of this feedback, will confirm the information, be responsible for answering the reason and instruct the member to recover and confidential information.

6- Commitment to confidentiality of customer information
- The customer's information on is committed to absolute confidentiality according to the privacy policy of The collection and use of information by each member shall be made only with the consent of the customer, except where otherwise provided for by law.
- Do not use, transfer, supply or disclose to third parties personal information of customers without the consent of the customer.
- In the event that the server hosting the information is hacker attacks resulting in loss of personal data customers, will be responsible for informing the case to the investigating authorities to promptly handle and notify for members to know.
- Absolutely confidential information of all online transactions of customers.