Lighting Art - High grade wood

Lighting Art - High grade wood


Payment method


Payment method: cash or bank transfer.

I. Payment in cash: applicable to customers who buy directly at An Ninh Viet Company.

II. Make a payment by bank transfer: Please refer to the information below to initiate a payment : 

A / Payment with Company account 

An Ninh Viet Co., Ltd

Asia Commercial Bank ( ACB )- Tran Khai Nguyen Branch, District 5

STK: 169215839


B / Personal account

1. SacomBank ( SCB) - District 5 Branch, Ho Chi Minh City

Le Van Thuan

STK: 060071055550


2. Dong A Bank - Thanh Khe Branch, Danang

Le Van Thuan

STK: 0101569520


3. VietcomBank - Ho Chi Minh Branch - Nguyen Huu Canh Transaction Office, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh

Le Van Thuan

STK: 007 100 062 5038


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