Lighting Art - High grade wood

Lighting Art - High grade wood


For Business Dealler


Exclusive Distributor Policy Lighting Art :

Lighting Art would like to express our sincere thanks to all customers who have supported us. Over the years, Lighting Art has been constantly striving to develop and expand the market and build up a worldwide network of agents with the motto of "mutually beneficial cooperation".

Here are some preferential policies in developing the company's agent system.

Always looking for cooperation opportunities as well as willing to share business opportunities and interests with Agents.
Always interested in agents as well as always make reasonable adjustments to improve the effectiveness of bilateral business cooperation to create a long-term partnership.
Always provide timely support as well as commitment to support the maximum share with the dealer before the market fluctuations and competition.


Support on the introduction of lightingart led products

Lighting Art dealers are updated information on prices, information on goods, products, policies of the company.
Lighting Art Agent is supported catalog catalog, brochure, banner ... according to the company's programs.
Agent Art Lighting is engaged in all promotion and sales promotion of the company.
The two sides together to promote, promote and sell the products through the form such as posting information new products, promotional products, outstanding products ...
Technical assistance, goods

Agents are supported directly by phone, via Fax, via Email, via CHAT online.
Support phone number: +84 919 007 133
Email: or: Skype:
 LightingArt is committed to improving the quality of its products and services as well as diversifying the range of products to match the market trend and consumer tastes. At the same time, we regularly support policies and programs related to promotion, advertisement, promotion and sales promotion in order to maximize sales and profits of the agency.

Financial support :

Agents are entitled to fixed discount / order volume and are directly discounted on the selling price.
The discount policy is independent and goes hand in hand with other support or business promotion programs.
LightingArt is committed to paying bonuses to agents within the time agreed upon in the contract or any annexes or documents that have a basis arising from the contract. Lighting Art is not responsible for the quality of goods shipped by the shipping company to the agent's point of delivery.